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Unilox has consistently stressed the importance of providing its customers only with products of the highest standards and quality. Unilox is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The organization has always emphasized the importance of strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. This burning passion and commitment to unparalleled service is a Unilox trademark that has enabled the company to succeed in today's highly competitive business environment.


UNILOX FAR EAST RESOURCES INC. (UFERI) was incorporated in August 2011 as a subsidiary of Unilox Industrial Corporation for the purpose of expanding the business of importing and distributing agricultural products such as fertilizers and micronutrients to the banana and pineapple plantations in Mindanao as the initial target market. 




UFERI started as the distributor of Inkabor's line of Boron micronutrients as well as Zinc, Magnesium and others. Over time, the company added more plant nutrition products concentrating on specialty fertilizers that bring much added value and benefit to its customers. 


Starting with controlled nutrient releasing N & K fertilizers (TIERRACOAT), the company has expanded its product lines to include innovative products such as Amino Acid Chelates (TIERRASOL), All-in-one bulk blends (TIERRACOAT MX), Pesticide Adjuvants (ENZAPRO), and more.

Pan Asian Materials Processing Corp., (PAMPC) is a toll manufacturing company established in 2007 which provide products for various industries such as plastics, rubbers, paints and animal feeds for local market and abroad. Though our company is a young organization, we are equipped with seasoned personnel in this field and had gained its reputation as one of the reputable service provider in the market.

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We offer free technical assistance to our customers for their development needs. Our company installed an optimally designed equipment for various processing lines where its concepts were developed here and abroad to ensure productivity and environmentally sound operation. We are committed to maintain environmentally responsible policies and practices while we continue to provide the quality and service on which our customer's business depends. 

TIERRA AGRI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (TATI) was incorporated in January 6, 2016 as a subsidiary of UNILOX FAR EAST RESOURCES, INC., the first controlled release bulk blend inorganic fertilizer plant in the Philippines situated in Mindanao. The plant is strategically located in Davao City allowing it to conveniently make its delivery throughout Mindanao and other regions in the Philippines. TATI has been established to be the leading manufacturing company of crop specific and site specific fertilizer. As an organization, we will build a strong foundation driven by innovation and committed to bring the latest technology to achieve optimum yield results possible for our grower clients. TATI’s key to success is to build trust within our organization and to our business partners with rigor and focus.

Nakashima Philippines Corporation was re-established from it’s former brand last 2012. Nakashima Group's brand slogan "We Go Beyond" expresses its strong wish of realizing what has not been realized or accomplished by anyone in the past. It is Nakashima Group's promise to respond to the expectation and reliance of all customers. The Nakashima Group will continue evolving toward the bright and prosperous future of people and society. Nakashima Philippines Corporation design the best performance on economic, speed and power based on the customer demand.




Nakashima Philippines also provide the standard type of propeller with economical price range. Nakashima Philippines produce a wide range of best selling propellers from 1500 mm to 2500 mm in diameter. We develop unique products that merge cutting-edge technology with human sensitivity through custom design in line with our long-held company culture cultivated over the last 80 years. Nakashima Philippines Corporation has been certified and accredited by most of the major marine certifying bodies worldwide for its product descriptions of Copper alloy casting with the approved materials High Strength Brass Casting and Aluminum Bronze. Nakashima manufactures propellers by maximizing its assets in all production processes including casting, processing, and finishing processes. By combining “craftsman skills” with “digital technology” Nakashima’s unique expertise is integrated. 

EZOE Japanese Language Institute Inc. is the Premium Language school centrally located in Malate, Manila that provides innovative technology in learning the Japanese Language in a way that`s more efficient and effective. EZOE Japanese Language Institute Inc. is an official partner of Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute developed innovative technology to help Japanese language learners to easily understand grammar. Now, EZOE Japanese Language Institute Inc. is bringing the first and original, Visual Learning Japanese or the VLJ combined with digital content platforms here in the Philippines.

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