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Unilox's status as the leading local manufacturer of Lead Oxides, PVC Stabilizers and Sacrificial Anodes is further affirmed through our ISO 9001:2015 certification since September 2000. Today, Unilox is a major supplier of raw materials and products used in a wide range of industries.




One Pack PVC Stabilizers

Mono Component Stabilizers


Lead Oxide

Zinc Oxide


Tanode: Sacrificial Anodes

Nakashima Propellers

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One Pack PVC Stabilizers


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Lead One Pack PVC Stabilizer

A non-dusting lead based package stabilizer in a combination with other metal salts and lubricant in a balanced homogeneous mixture. Unilox One Pack Stabilizer is a convenient and economical stabilizer system. It provides good heat stability as well as internal and external lubrication.


Calcium Zinc One Pack PVC Stabilizer

It is intended for various applications such as extrusion of rigid PVC articles such as pipes, windows, door profiles, insulation, sheathing for wires or cables, calendering of clear and opaque PVC sheet articles.


Barium Zinc One Pack PVC Stabilizer

It is white powder in form. It is a mixture of different chemical substances which provides heat stability. It also offers the most optimum lubrication to ensure smooth processing and good surface finish in the extrusion of PVC pipes made from 100% recycled PVC materials.



Mono Component Stabilizers

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Tribasic Lead Sulphate

A very fine white powder in appearance. UNILOX TLS contains minimum electrolytes therefore it gives maximum electrical resistance when used in wire and cable coating. “Available Lead” in UNILOX TLS is comparatively higher thus providing superior heat stability.  It is also surface coated to give improved flow or shear properties.


Dibasic Lead Stearate

A very fine white powder in appearance. UNILOX DBLS is used as a stabilizer and lubricant in the manufacture or fabrication of PVC products. Generally used in conjunction with other stabilizers and lubricants for extruded, injected and calendered PVC articles.


Dibasic Lead Phosphite

A very fine white surface coated powder which gives excellent heat and light stability to PVC products.


Dibasic Lead Phthalate

A very fine white surface coated powder versatile in heat stabilizing PVC for wire insulation and virtually compatible with all plasticizers. It provides long term heat stability with moderate to light stabilizing property.


Lead Stearate Normal

A fine white powder or a white flake in appearance. Lead Stearate Normal is used as lubricant for the manufacture of PVC products while possessing some heat stabilizing property.


Calcium Stearate
Bulky white powder in form mainly used in one-pack stabilizers to give added stability and lubricity.


Zinc Stearate
A white bulky powder in form primarily used to impart stability and lubrication properties in plastic. Some grades are utilized by the rubber and coating industries.

Lead Oxide

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Red Lead Pigment

A very fine powder that is red-orange in color which is composed of lead orthoplumbate (Pb304) and lead monoxide (PbO). It is used in the manufacture of lead acid batteries.


Battery Grade Oxide Barton Pot Process

A greenish gray to brownish gray powder composed of equidimensional particles of Free Metallic Lead and Lead Monoxide (PbO) from the Barton Pot process. It has a longer shelf life compared to Lead Oxide from other processes and is easy to mix and paste. Barton Pot Oxide usually produces batteries with very good life and high capacity.


Battery Grade Oxide Ballmill Process

A greenish gray to brownish gray powder of finely divided particles of Free Metallic Lead and Lead Monoxide (PbO) mixture. Lead Oxide from Ballmill process has lower median particle diameter and more reactive. The metallic Lead content varies from 22 to 30%. Its paste has better consistency at very low densities.  The systematic control of producing BM oxide ensures the high quality electrode compositions for lead acid batteries with regards to workability, forming, capacity and durability.


It is a lead monoxide (PbO) with high purity. It is a very fine powder in form and yellow-orange in color. The product is predominantly of an orthorombic structure.


Zinc Oxide


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Zinc Oxide Gold Seal / Zinc Oxide White Seal
A fine white powder prepared by Zinc metal oxidation (also known as the French or Dry Process) which ensures that the zinc oxide produced contains the least amount of impurities.


Zinc Oxide Red Seal
A fine white powder carefully prepared to ensure that the zinc oxide produced contains the least amount of impurities.


Zinc Oxide Red Seal RP / Zinc Oxide Red Seal P
A fine white to grayish white powder, containing not less than 79.5% zinc weight by weight.


Zinc Oxide RGD

A fine white to off-white powder mixture of zinc oxide and other metal salts especially formulated as economical alternative activator for rubber vulcanization.

Tanode: Sacrificial Anodes

Tanode Logo SA 02We have highly technical and professional personnel who are available for corrosion consultation, technical design and estimation.



• UNILOX is the pioneering, most experienced anode manufacturer in the Philippines.

• Highly Technical and professional personnel who are available for corrosion consultation and technical design and estimation.

• Unwavering commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

• Zinc and Aluminum Anodes.

• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


Types of Anodes


products 1


Bolt-On Anodes

It is mostly used in the inside hull area of a shipping vessel.

 products 2



Weld-On Anodes

It is mostly used in the outside hull area of a shipping vessel.



 products 4


Pilfer Proof (Wide-Strap) Anodes

Sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection installed in marine vessels to prevent pilferage.

 Ballast Tank Anodes Cover


Ballast Tank Anodes

It is used in the ballast tank area of a ship/vessel. Larger weight ballast type (100 kgs-aluminum) are used in pier piles.

 products 7


Special Anodes

It is used for installation of pipelines and shaft anodes.


Application: Pumps, valves, impellers, tanks, chutes, surface protection, wear and abrasion.

Nakashima Propellers

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Development, Manufacture and Sales of Marine Equipment

Designed for a comfortable journey Nakashima focuses on providing optimized, integrated propellers for all types of vessels from small-size motorboats, fishing vessels, and pleasure boats to large-size commercial vessels such as tankers, container carriers, and passenger vessels. From the design phase to production and sales, they are involved throughout the process to create a wide variety of propulsion systems including controllable pitch propellers and side thrusters.


Development, Manufacture and Sales of Environmental Improvement Devices
Contributing to the global environment Nakashima contributes to improving the global environment through the development of energy-related equipment, agitators, and so forth that utilize our fluid technology attained through propeller manufacturing.


Planning, Manufacture and Sales of Exterior Products
Providing lifestyle goods with optimal product creation at the Company’s core, Nakashima Propeller undertakes the planning and sales of products directly connected with people’s lifestyles, such as the creation of high-quality, functional and durable garden-related goods. We also formulate proposals that aim to enrich people’s lives and achieve a sustainable social environment.


Nakashima Philippines produce a wide range of best selling propellers from 1500 mm to 2500 mm in diameter. 




Highly Skewd 2




Highly Skewed

No. of Blades: 3

Highly Skewd 1 



Highly Skewed

No. of Blades: 4


Kaplan 2





No. of Blades: 3



 Kaplan 1





No. of Blades: 4




Troost or Mau 2




No. of Blades: 3


 Troost or Mau 1




No. of Blades: 5




BC Petro Tape and Paste

BC Petro Tape and Paste




BC Petro Tape1


The perfect anti-corrosion and great cost-saving tape for any metals and pipelines.

Soft and Standard Type (S Type)
Soft and wet with outstanding corrosion protection ability.



Hydraulic pipes, valves, flanges, elbows and tees, underground pipes or tanks, steel pilings or marine structure.



 BC Petro Paste2

A primer for increasing adhesion and anti-corrosive property of BC Petro Tape.


Standard Type - Can be applied on a wide range of working places.

Underwater Type - Designed for underwater application.








Propeller Repair Services

Propeller repair Shop


Unilox have technicians trained in Japan to provide the following services: restoration of damaged propeller blades to original specification, diameter or area cut, build-up or welding of blade damages by TIG welding, repairing of blades, grinding of propeller surfaces and static balancing. We have a capacity to repair up to 2 meters in diameter.


 Propeller Repair Services


Blade Re-Pitching


RP01 RP02


Build-up/Welding of Blade Damages by TIG Welding Process




Grinding of Propeller Blade Surface


Grind01 Grind02


Static Balancing


SB02 SB03




Bullwark Wear Protection products are cementitious lining protection from Germany which caters specialty concrete for specific applications and special wear protection equipment.


Bullwark ec1008 Bullwark EC 1010
Bullwark EC 1012 Bullwark EF 909




A range of resin products for use in industry from conveyor belt repair resins to abrasion-resistant lining and pipe repair products.


Products Offered



1011 1               1011 2


Brushable Ceramic Lining coating is a two-part, quick setting polymer resin compound with micro ceramic content. FR1011 has been developed for the protection of surfaces subject to wear, abrasion and chemical attack.


Application: Pumps, valves, impellers, tanks, chutes, surface protection, wear and abrasion.




1010 2               1010 2


Ceramic-filled mortar is a two-part, filler extended epoxy resin. It has been specifically formulated for the protection of surfaces subject to extreme wear and abrasion caused by solids or slurry. The mortar provides a long-lasting lining to metal and concrete surfaces.


Application: Lining chutes, hoppers, pipe elbow, feeder bowls, lining cyclones, valve, pump, impellers, wear and abrasion. 



Asset 14x2               1008 2



Wear resistant epoxy compound with two part, ambient temperature curing epoxy repair or maintenance compound containing abrasion resistant fillers.


Application: Lining chutes, hoppers, pipe elbow, feeder bowls, lining cyclones, valve, pump and impellers.



Asset 54x3               Asset 10.14x



Eli-Flex is a two part polyurethane resin formulated to effect quick and easy conveyor belt repairs.


Application: Conveyor belt repairs and rubber repairs.




Asset 64x



Eli-Crush FR866 Epoxy Crusher Backing Resin is a two part, ambient temperature curing, filler extended epoxy resin with good impact resistance and very low shrinkage.


Application: Mould making, crusher backing resins, fastening, filling, grouting.



Asset 2.14x



It is a super steel, ambient temperature curing, two component epoxy repair compound characterized by its steel-filled paste with outstanding wear resistant properties, high mechanical strength and high heat resistance.

Application: Casting repairs, mould making, vacuum forming, valve and pumps.



Asset 8.14x



Eli Wrap Pipe repair bandages are a quick action emergency pipe repair system that stops leaks instantly.

Application: Pipes.





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A whole range of products

Submitted to hard abrasion wear industrial equipment is too often reinforced with materials unadapted to severe criteria (e.g. impact, temperature, humidity, etc...). The Creusabro range offers today steels able to meet all specific user’s needs.


A unique concept

Usually, the choice of material is made on a price and hardness basis. However, users face difficulties of wear parts replacement. One must therefore add to the material price both the cost of maintenance and production downtime in order to establish the true cost effectiveness of a material.


Wear resistance and processing ability are of greater importance in the choice of an abrasion resistant steel rather than hardness level.


TRIP effect (TRansformation Induced by Plasticity) and the presence of micro-carbides together allows Creusabro 4800 and Creusabro 8000 grades to give the real solution to this choice  with an original concept: the active surface resistance. 





Creusabro 4800


CREUSABRO 4800 is a wear resistant steel offering up to 50% extra in service life compared with a 400 HB water quenched steel.


CREUSABRO 4800 combines several modern metallurgical concepts which, depending on thickness, use different combinations of enriched chemical analysis (Cr, Mo, Ti...) and controlled quenching rate.


CREUSABRO 4800 is designed to provide the optimum combination of wear resistance controlled hardness and ease of processing. Rather than just using a high hardness level, it achieves this aim by using proven and controlled metallurgical mechanisms which are more complex but more efficient than the simple effect of hardness alone.



Work-hardening and Cr, Mo micro-carbides, the basic CREUSABRO concept.


TRIP effect originally developed with CREUSABRO 8000.


Reinforcement of the structure with Titanium carbide.


CREUSABRO 4800 makes processing operations like cutting, machining and forming not as difficult as processing 400HB water quenched steel.


CREUSABRO 4800 is used for application in mines, quarries, cement, steelmaking, public works and agricultural machinery. It is suitable for all types of abrasion, sliding, impact, dry or wet media including high temperature abrasion up to 350°C.





Creusabro 8000


CREUSABRO® 8000Ⓟ is a high performance wear resistant steel exhibiting a wear resistance of 50% higher than that of conventional 500 HB water quenched steel.


CREUSABRO® 8000Ⓟ is using an innovative concept based on a unique combination of chemical analysis and heat treatment procedures (oil quenching). This confers the steel an improved wear resistance by the contribution of the following:



It has a fine distribution of chromium and molybdenum micro-carbides reinforcing the microstructure with the same principal as composite materials.


It has an efficient work hardening capability in service coming from a metallurgic effect called TRIP (TRansformation Induced by Plasticity).


In addition to its high wear resistance, CREUSABRO® 8000Ⓟ maintains a good aptitude for processing which is better than that of 500 HB water quenched steel. CREUSABRO® 8000Ⓟ offers the best optimization of an exceptional wear resistance and an acceptable workability.
Application markets of CREUSABRO® 8000Ⓟ includes the following: mines, quarries, cement, steel making, public works, etc...


Application markets of CREUSABRO® 8000Ⓟ is used by the following: mines, quarries, cement, steel making, public works, etc...




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Single element fertilizers and micronutrients


  • • Tierra-Phos Guano is derived from natural deposits of guano phosphate from Indonesia. It is a 100% natural product derived from deposits of sea birds which have accumulated over millions of years. TIERRA-PHOS GUANO is primarily phosphate in di-calcium form which is soluble in the presence of weak acids like citric acid.


  • • Fertibagra 15G A natural granular in form fertilizer based on Boron with other nutrients such as Ca, Mg, K, Fe and S. Fertibagra 15G is a controlled release product. Certified for organic farming.


  • • Fertibagra 21 It is a Di-Sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate which is fine powder in form. It is a Boron fertilizer suitable for foliar application. It is 100% water-soluble.


  • • Dual Mag Specialty magnesium sulphate fertilizer granules with both quick release and slow release properties suitable for soil application.


official tierracoat mx logo 20170412 04


Customized, Granular, Bulk blended NPK+TE formulations, ALL-in-ONE


official tierracoat logo 20150828 copy 01


Controlled Release Urea and Potash


Tierracoat SCU39 dramatically decrease nitrogen loss and raising use efficiency up to more than 58%.


scu39 web



Tierracoat SCK57 protects and conserves its potassium content against leaching and run-off.




official tierracoat mx logo 20170412 04

Controled Release Granular, Bulk blended NPK+TE formulations


Tierracoat MX is an innovative controlled release fertilizer from Tierra Agri Technologies, Inc. offering improved nutrient use efficiency for greater return of investment.



12 6 27 2 B6 18 18 20 Tierracoat 16 4 24 2 TE Mock up2





tierramino final

Amino Acid Chelated Fertilizer


  • • Calcium-B is a unique Amino Acid Calcium-Boron chelate. It is formulated to deliver high concentration of desirable elements in a very soluble, rapidly-absorbed and readily-translocatable form direct to the phloem so they are actively transported rapidly to the growth forming locations whether they are root, leaf, fruit, or flower. Major benefits of this new technology includes: rapid uptake at the leaf surface and improved resistance to diseases.


logo Tierra Bio rev01 20180408



  • • Tierra Bio BM (Bacillus mycoides) help plants to prevent the proliferation of general soil-born pathogens, such as Fusarium spp. and Rhizoctonia spp., on different crops and can effectively reduce diseases. Tierra Bio BM contains a powerful counteracting and beneficial micro-organism, that can form endospore. It is highly resistant to heat and desiccation and therefore has a longer shelf-life. Application of this bacterium to the plants can effectively control soil-borne pathogens. Since it originated from soil, it can easily and abundantly proliferate in the soil and replace agrochemicals to inhibit the growth of these soil-borne pathogens. In addition to the long-term viability of endospores, Tierra Bio BM also exists as symbiotic microorganisms that strengthen resistance in the plant itself and serves as a potentially superior alternative to biocontrol agents.


  • • Tierra Bio Kompo promotes the decomposition of organic substances and eliminate foul-smell during the process of composting. Tierra Bio Kompo contains a combination of three (3) beneficial bacteria which could adjust the ratio of organic carbon and nitrogen (C/N) to facilitate the stability and accelerate the speed of composting. The organic compost can ideally serve for agricultural use and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.




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 Water Soluble Fetilizer




logo BravAmino with subtitle2


bravamino calcium amino acid chelate bag web6



BravAmino Calcium Amino Acid Chelate is an organically bound calcium in amino acid chelate form. It is a source of bioavailable calcium with high solubility and absorption rate to support skeletal integrity, bone development, milk production of pigs and egg shell quality of poultry species.


Main Function


It significantly increases egg weight, shell hardness and egg yolk color. It is effective in prevention of caged chicken fatigue and promotes egg production.


It controls and prevents calcium deficiency like rickets and osteomalacia.


It reduces milk fever and agalactia symptoms in lactacting sows. It improves milk production and eventual piglets’ weaning weight and survivability.




Pigs/Swine (Breeding, Growing, Finishing), Piglets; Chicken (Broiler, Layer).



bravamino magnesium amino acid chelate bag web


BravAmino Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate is a source of bioavailable magnesium to alleviate the effect of stress and fatigue in farm animals during hot weather conditions and during highly challenging periods. BravAmino also promotes relaxant effect to highly sensitive breeding animals, thus improving reproductive performance.


Main Function

■   It alleviates effect of heat stress and muscular fatigue.
■   It reduces mortality during harvest.
■   It improves meat quality.
■   It prevents dystocia in farrowing sows.



 Pigs/Swine (Breeding, Growing, Finishing), Piglets, Chicken (Broiler, Layer), Ducks and Quail.




BravAMix Logo with subtitle


Bravamix P bag web

1Artboard 2


BravAmix P Chelated Minerals is formulated to include six most important trace minerals that are 100% organically-bound to provide the most biologically available form possible without much fecal excretion to increase overall performance efficiency. It also prevents and corrects mineral deficiency symptoms.


Main Function


It improves production performance and feed conversion efficiency.


It enhances the palatability of feed, promotes growth and increase immune function.


It strengthens resistance and reduces stress.


It prevents and controls mineral deficiency.



Chicken (Broiler, Layer, Rearing Pullets, Breeder), Duck, Quail and Ostrich.



Bravamix S bag web


1Bravamix S

BravAmix S Chelated Minerals is formulated to include six most important trace minerals that are 100% organically-bound to provide the most biologically available form possible without much fecal excretion to increase overall performance efficiency. It also prevents and corrects mineral deficiency symptoms.


Main Function


It prevents and treats mineral deficiency symptoms.


It promotes growth rate and uniformity of weaned piglets.


It improves feed efficiency and conversion.


It enhances conception rate, litter size, birth weight and milk production of breeding pigs.


It strengthens the immune system and reduces stress.



Pigs/Swine (Boosters/Pre-Starters, Growers, Finishes and Breeders).


BravaPRO logo 


bravaPRO bag


BravaPRO are probiotics comprised of three kinds of unique Probiotic and Premium Level Prebiotic food grade. It is an acid-tolerant. It is still active even in low pH value (e.g. stomach acid) and high temperature (e.g. feed pellet production & warehouse storage) conditions.


Main Function


It promotes growth and enhances immunity.


It improves the intestinal gut and meat quality.


It reduces foul smell in the piggery and poultry farms.



For poultry and livestock.




Deolox Logo2


deolox liquid


Deolox contains high-quality natural enzymes and high units of natural live microorganisms (Bacillus subtilis and Bacilus licheniformis) produced with advanced fermentation technology with the function of amylolysis, fiber decomposition, lipolysis, proteolysis, calcium and phosphorus dissolution. It is very useful in eliminating odor and cleaning of decomposing organic substances which in result reduces the amount of garbage and purify the environment.


Main Function


It eliminates foul-smell in pig farms, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, septic tanks, kitchen drains, washroom and garbage yards.


It decomposes organic substances which in result reduces the amount of garbage and purify the environment.


It contains natural active bacteria, non-toxic and totally safe to humans and animals.



Poultry or pig farm, slaughter house, compost yard, garbage yard, washroom, kitchen drain, food waste, septic tank and pet excrement.